Game of Thrones in Amiens: holiday rentals worthy of the series' characters

Amiens, a city in the Hauts-de-France region, is famous for its magnificent cathedral and its hortillonnages. But did you know that this city could also be home to the characters from the famous Game of Thrones series? In this article, discover a selection of holiday rentals in Amiens that would undoubtedly please the heroes of Westeros.

Accommodation inspired by the North of Westeros

If Jon Snow and Sansa Stark decide to spend a few days in Amiens, here are the holiday rentals that are sure to appeal to them:

  1. A stone house with a private garden: This charming house combines old-world charm with modern facilities for a comfortable stay. Its cosy interior and fireplace make it an ideal place to relax after a day's sightseeing.
  2. A wooden chalet in the heart of nature : Located just a few minutes from the city centre, this chalet offers a peaceful, leafy setting, perfect for those looking for a place to relax. With its authentic Scandinavian style, it feels like a true Nordic refuge.

Gîtes and guest houses in Stark colours

For those who want to live out their passion for Game of Thrones to the full, some of the accommodation in Amiens features decor inspired by the world of the series. You'll find gites and guest houses decorated in the style of the Stark coat of arms, including :

  • Wall tapestries depicting the Stark wolf
  • Cushions and throws in House Stark designs
  • Grey and white crockery, reminiscent of the cold North

Lannister-style accommodation

Cersei Lannister certainly wouldn't be content with a simple flat for her stay in Amiens. Fortunately, the town also has a number of luxury holiday rentals to suit the Lannisters' needs:

  1. A historic manor house in the city centre: This prestigious residence offers a refined and elegant setting, with spacious rooms and many period architectural details. The library, formal garden and wine cellar will delight lovers of luxury and culture.
  2. A contemporary villa with swimming pool and spa: If you prefer a more modern style, opt for this villa with all the facilities you need for a royal stay. The spacious living areas, terrace and landscaped garden provide a pleasant environment in which to make the most of your holidays in Amiens.

Top-of-the-range serviced accommodation for Lannisters

Some flats also offer services worthy of a palace, such as :

  • A personal butler
  • Gourmet meals prepared by a Michelin-starred chef
  • A tailor-made concierge service

Stopover in Amiens for Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons

The Mother of Dragons is bound to make Amiens a stopover on her journey, and she'll need accommodation to match her fame. Here are a few ideas for suitable accommodation for Daenerys and her winged children:

  1. A medieval mansion with an inner courtyard: If you want to be right at the heart of history, what better place than this historic building? Completely renovated, it has all the modern comforts while retaining its original character. What's more, the vast inner courtyard is perfect for dragons to land in.
  2. An architect-designed house with panoramic views: Offering breathtaking views of the hortillonnages and Amiens cathedral, this house has large picture windows so you can admire the scenery at any time of day. The roof terrace is an ideal place for dragons to rest after a day's flying.

A touch of Targaryen decoration

In order to welcome Daenerys in the best possible conditions, some owners have not hesitated to add decorative elements reminiscent of House Targaryen:

  • Objects with a three-headed dragon motif
  • Accessories in red and black, the symbol of House Targaryen
  • Wrought iron furniture reminiscent of the Iron Throne

Journey beyond the Wall: immersion in Picardy culture

The Game of Thrones characters could also take advantage of their stay in Amiens to discover the richness of Picardy's culture. Here are a few must-do activities for your holiday in the region:

  1. Visit Amiens Notre-Dame Cathedral: A true Gothic masterpiece, this UNESCO World Heritage-listed cathedral is a must-see when you visit Picardy.
  2. Take a walk in the hortillonnages : These floating gardens, a veritable green lung in the heart of the city, are a haven of peace for nature lovers and offer an enchanting backdrop for a boat trip.
  3. Taste the specialities of Picardy: Don't miss out on regional delicacies such as ficelle picarde, gâteau battu and macarons d'Amiens.

In short, Amiens offers a multitude of possibilities for welcoming the heroes of Game of Thrones on holiday. From charming rentals to luxurious properties, there's something for everyone, so they can enjoy the exceptional setting of this historic town while immersing themselves in the world of their favourite series.

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