Who pays for the romantic weekends on L'Amour est Dans le Pré?

In the new year of 2024, viewers of Love is in the Meadow are always fascinated by the love stories of the contestants who have taken part in the famous dating show. As we recently discovered new photos of Justine and Patrice on their romantic getaway, the question arises: who pays for these romantic weekends?

Couples formed thanks to the show

Since its inception, L'amour est Dans le Pré has helped many farmers find love. Among the emblematic couples, Justine and Patrice from season 18 have left their mark with their touching and sincere relationship. Despite the obstacles they encountered, they managed to build a solid relationship, as shown by the photos of their latest getaway to Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Production intervention

If Love is in the Meadow are free to continue their relationship after the show, it is interesting to note that production plays an important role in organising some of the couple's key moments. In fact, when images of romantic weekends together create a buzz on social networks, the production may contribute to the costs incurred in making these dream moments a reality.

Working with castings and candidates

In the case of Justine and Patrice, Louise Horellou, casting director forADPwas the one who shared photos of their stay in Saint-Jean-de-Luz on Instagram. The production company's involvement in publicising the event suggests that it may also be covering some of the costs associated with the romantic weekend.

The role of participants in perpetuating their history

Even if the production contributes to the costs incurred for certain key moments in the couple's relationship, the participants also have their share of responsibility for maintaining and developing their relationship. They have to be prepared to make efforts and compromises in order to move forward together. As the example of Patrice and Justine shows, they were able to overcome their obstacles thanks to their shared desire to build a lasting relationship.

The couple's future plans and day-to-day life

Beyond the magical moments captured by the cameras and shared on social networks, the day-to-day reality of couples formed thanks to Love is in the Meadow also involves a personal and financial investment on the part of both protagonists. Their success depends on the choices they make together and the commitment each of them makes to ensuring that their love story lasts.

If the production of Love is in the Meadow plays a role in organising and financing the key moments in a couple's life, these magical moments are not enough to ensure the success of their story. Participants must be prepared to invest in their relationship themselves and assume their share of responsibility for building a lasting life together.

  • Love is in the Meadow has produced many iconic couples, such as Justine and Patrice.
  • Production can help organise and finance romantic weekends away.
  • The participants also have their share of responsibility for making their love story last.

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