What is the purpose of the Thiepval Memorial?

Thiepval Memorial

The Thiepval Memoriallocated in Picardy, is one of the world's leading memorials dedicated to the British and South African soldiers who fell in the First World War. But what exactly is the purpose of this imposing monument?

Thiepval Memorial

The Thiepval Memorial: a tribute to the missing

The first objective of the Thiepval Memorial is to pay tribute to British and South African soldiers who fell during the Battle of the Somme whose bodies were never recovered. The monument, which bears the names of more than 72,000 soldiers, serves as a place of remembrance for families and visitors.

A tool for education and awareness raising

The Thiepval Memorial also aims to raise public awareness of the scale of the loss of life during the World War I. It serves as an educational tool, particularly for the younger generation, to understand the impact and consequences of the war. The nearby interpretation centre offers exhibitions and educational resources to explore these themes further.

A symbol of peace and reconciliation

Finally, the Thiepval Memorial is a symbol of peace and reconciliation. It reminds us of the need to preserve peace and to remember the mistakes of the past so as not to repeat them. It is a place for reflection on war, peace and the duty to remember.

The Thiepval Memorial, through its role as a place of remembranceas a tool for education and a symbol of peace, helps to perpetuate the remembrance of the fallen soldiers of the First World War and to raise awareness of the importance of peace.

Thiepval Memorial

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