This is the PERFECT country for a road trip: find out which one!

When we think of travelling in Europe, we often think of historic capitals, charming little towns and breathtaking panoramas. But there's one experience in particular that adventure and discovery lovers won't want to miss: the road trip. This type of trip allows you to explore more remote and less-frequented regions while taking full advantage of the pleasures of the open road. And according to several sources, it seems that one of the best countries in which to take a road trip is... Spain!

Why choose Spain for a road trip?

Here are a few reasons why Spain: the perfect choice for planning an unforgettable road trip :

  • A variety of landscapes : Between bustling metropolises, sun-drenched beaches, majestic mountains and arid plains, Spain offers an incredible diversity of landscapes, making every stage a real wonderland.
  • A unique cultural wealth : the country boasts an exceptional heritage combining history, traditions, gastronomy and the art of living, including numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • A high-quality road network : Spain's infrastructure is renowned for being in good condition and regularly maintained, so you can travel around the country safely and without unpleasant surprises.
  • Easy access: Whether by private car or by hiring a vehicle from one of the many agencies available, travelling in Spain by road is within everyone's budget.

The best routes for a road trip in Spain

Of course, there are as many route ideas as there are travellers. But here are a few suggestions for itineraries that have received unanimous approval:

The Costa del Sol

This route runs along part of the Spanish Mediterranean coastfrom Malaga to Almería. You'll discover jewels such as Marbella, Fuengirola, Nerja and the famous "Balcony of Europe". And don't forget to make a diversion to the magnificent Cabo de Gata-Nijar Nature Park.


From Barcelona, explore the catalan region and its cultural and natural treasures. Visit Girona, Figueres (the birthplace of Salvador Dalí), Tarragona or Sitges. And if you're a keen hiker, don't hesitate to venture into the mountains of the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici national park.

The route of the white villages of Andalusia

This loop will lead you to the discovery of charming little hilltop villages with whitewashed facades typical of Andalusian architecture. You'll pass through Arcos de la Frontera, Grazalema and Ronda, famous for its spectacular bridge over the Tajo Gorge.

The mountains of Asturias and Cantabria

Moving away from golden beaches, this itinerary focuses instead on the green, undulating landscapes of northern Spain. Between Oviedo and Santander, you can travel through some of the country's most beautiful mountain ranges, such as the Picos de Europa, the Las Ubiñas-La Mesa nature park and the Picos de Europa between Cantabria and Asturias.

Practical advice for a successful road trip in Spain

  • Plan your itinerary carefully: Even if adventure is part of the fun of a road trip, it's best to plan the stages, accommodation and activities in advance to avoid any problems.
  • Check the condition of your vehicle regularly: Regular maintenance is essential to guarantee everyone's safety and avoid unpleasant breakdowns.
  • Observe speed limits: As elsewhere in Europe, Spain is subject to strict traffic regulations. Don't forget that roadside checks are frequent and penalties can be severe.
  • Find out about the weather conditions: Depending on the season and the region crossed, the weather can vary dramatically. So make sure you're properly equipped and keep an eye on the weather forecasts to anticipate any difficulties.

So, with its varied panoramas, unique cultural wealth and high-quality road network, it's a great place to visit, Spain is undeniably the ideal destination for a memorable road trip experience. So why not let yourself be tempted by the adventure?

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