It's possible to pay less for a night in a hotel by spending less time in the shower!

A new eco-responsible initiative

In a world where sustainability has become a major concern, some hotels have introduced an innovative policy: reduced rates for guests who limit their water consumption. This trend, already observed in various industrial sectors, is beginning to take shape in the tourist accommodation sector.

The ecological and economic impact

This approach is not only good for the environment, it's also good for customers. In fact, by using less water - particularly during activities customers can see a significant reduction in their final bill.

How does the system work?

The idea is simple but effective: each room is equipped with a meter to monitor water consumption. The information gathered by this device enables the hotel to calculate the exact amount saved thanks to the customer's efforts.

Technologies used

To support this measure, hotels are using the latest technology in taps and plumbing systems. Low-flow showerheads and water-saving taps are installed in all bathrooms.

Encouraging testimonials

Many customers who have tried out this new offer say they are satisfied not only with the reduction in their bills, but also with the positive impact they are helping to have on the environment.

Customer feedback

  • Marc Dupont, recent visitor: "It was motivating to know that every minute in the shower counted. It really helped us to be more aware.
  • Julie Renard, regular customer: "I think it's fantastic to be able to directly control part of the cost of my stay while doing something for the planet.

The future of this initiative

The hoteliers hope that this practice will become an industry standard and encourage not only other hotels to adopt similar practices, but also guests to adopt greener habits at home.

Possible expansion

Some hotel groups are already considering extending these measures to other aspects of their operations, such as waste management and renewable energy.

Results and outlook

Growing adoption of these practices shows a gradual change in consumer standards and a growing awareness of environmental issues in tourism.

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