How to choose your airport car rental site?

car rental website

To enjoy all the wonders of your destination, rent a car since theairport is a truly economical and convenient option. More and more travellers are turning to online platforms that facilitate this type of booking. But how do you choose these websites successfully? Read our tips here.

Which airport car hire site should I choose?

Services vary from one rental site to another, but the selection criteria are virtually the same.

The size of the fleet

Booking platforms are often run by established agencies. Whether it is for the car hire malaga airport or in other cities, make sure you select a facility that has a varied fleet. The number of vehicles available for hire is a key aspect of this criterion. With a larger fleet, you are obviously more sure to find the right car for your needs.

But in addition to numbers, also research the types of vehicles available and their brands. Then check the main features, including the number of seats and extras (GPS, baby seat, etc.).

The guarantees

The sites of car rental offer guarantees which it is worth checking. These are generally liability clauses taken on by the structure. In this area, we often find third party insurance which covers material and physical damage caused with the rented car.

But, the limits of civil liability may depend on the tariff. It is therefore important to find out about this. If the guarantees are insufficient, you may be able to take out additional supplementary insurance to cover the risk of deterioration.

Conditions and prices

The rental conditions are usually related to mileage, fuel or the authorisation of an additional driver. But the delimitation of the driving zones can also be part of this list. All these details are often laid down in a contract which should be read carefully.

Logically, the rules are related to the tariff, as some restrictions can become unlimited offers depending on the package. FSo make a comparison between the services offered, your expectations and the available budget in order to choose a suitable vehicle.

Practical advice to avoid unpleasant surprises

Even before choosing a car rental platform, there are a number of steps that need to be taken. Indeed, there are general conditions and it is better to have a clear understanding of the be in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The driver of the rental vehicle must be at least 21 years old. However, people under 25 are sometimes obliged to take out young driver's insurance. In addition to the age limit, you must have a valid driving licence and at least one year old.

If you are considering rental of a 4X4 vehicleThe conditions will be more complex. In this case, a licence older than 3 years and an age higher than 25 years will probably be required.

Why should you choose to book a car at the airport?

Booking a car has many advantages, both in terms of comfort and economy.


Booking a car at the airport allows you to prepare your entire stay as well as possible. If you choose a vehicle before you start your journey, it will be made available to you on landing. Booking saves you all the hassle that you will be forced to face at theairport. In some cases, travellers who do not plan ahead cannot even rent a car on arrival.

Reduced costs

By booking in advance, you will have plenty of time to compare prices to make an economical choice. What's more, anticipation will allow you to benefit from possible discounts in certain periods.

Conversely, prices may rise during periods of high demand like the holidays or before the festive season. So book as soon as your trip is scheduled to take advantage of the best fares.

Freedom of choice

When it comes to booking a car at the airport, you have a number of options. From the platform, you can review all the models offered by the agency. You can also add any extras you need for your stay. This way, you can choose a vehicle that offers you the comfort you want.

car rental website

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