Furnished rentals in Amiens: 6 reasons to rent

furnished rentals in amiens

The furnished rental in Amiens is still very accessible. If you are travelling to the city on business for an indefinite period, the flat rental The price of a furnished apartment or studio is a better option than staying in a hotel. The price of furnished flats or studios for rent in Amiens varies according to the area and the size of the premises.

Furnished rental in Amiens of 1 room

A furnished rental in Amiens is normally equipped with a double bed, towel, heating, wardrobe or chest of drawers, a cupboard and internet. If it is a single room, the price is around 350€ per month. When the room is a bed and breakfastThe monthly rent can reach 3000€. As with any premises, prices depend largely on the area in which it is located.

furnished rentals in amiens

Student accommodation for rent in 80000

As the city of Amiens is endowed with a few higher schools, many students come to the place to complete their studies. Several owners have opted for the rental of studios or furnished rooms to students. The flat share is also taken up a lot in the city, which helps to reduce the charges and fees to be paid. If you want to find high-end accommodation, you will have to look in the city centre, but the other areas also house some very original rare gems.

Furnished rental in Amiens of a studio

A room is called a studio when its surface is less than 30m2. If you are looking for a furnished rental in Amiens of the studio type, you will be served. Numerous furnished studios are available for rent, most of which are located in the city centre. The average price in popular areas such as Henriville, Sainte-Anne and the city centre is 22€ per square metre. The others vary between 17 and 20€.

Cheap furnished house to rent near the centre of Amiens

Renting a house will allow you to be independent without worrying about communal charges or anything else. If you are looking for a furnished house to rent in Amiens, it is best to look for a house on the outskirts of the centre. You will find houses with a larger volume, but less expensive than those of the large city.

Rental between individuals

If you want to do without the services ofreal estate agencythe rental between individuals is quite possible. Moreover, it is advantageous because you do not pay agency fees. If you are a tenant, it is a way to get in touch with the owner directly and build a relationship with him/her. As for the price, this type of rental is more profitable than the agency type. In addition, you can tell the owner about your requests or small negotiations.

How many months of deposit for a furnished rental?

When you are looking for a furnished rental in AmiensThere are a few things to consider. How long will you stay? How much is the deposit? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when looking for a furnished rental. If you sign a long-term furnished rental agreement, 9 months for students or 1 year for others, the deposit is 2 months' rent.

What equipment is needed for a furnished rental?

When looking for a furnished rental in Amiens, there are a number of things to consider. The first thing is the type of equipment provided with the accommodation. If you want to rent a furnished flats, you should know that a furnished accommodation must have certain equipment at your disposal according to the Alur lawDecree No. 2015-981 of 31 July 2015. It stipulates that a furnished flat must contain bedding including a duvet or blanket, hotplates, an oven or microwave oven, a refrigerator or freezer, the crockery necessary for meals, kitchen utensils, a table with seats, storage shelves, light fittings and cleaning equipment. A refrigerator must have a compartment that allows a temperature of -6°C or lower. All types of furnished flats can be found in Amiens. Whether it is T1, T2 or T3, you will surely find the right accommodation for you.

In furnished rentals, who pays the taxe d'habitation?

When looking for a furnished rental in Amiens, it is important to be aware of potential hidden costs. Some things, such as furniture, may be included in your rent, while others, such as water and rubbish bills, are likely to be paid in addition to your rent. An additional cost that people often don't think about is the housing tax. In some cases, the tenant is responsible for paying these taxes; in others, the owner pays them. If you are renting furnished accommodation for a short period of time, there is no charge except for the tourist tax. If you are renting for a longer period with a lease, you will be responsible for the council tax.

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