Amiens: the town is to extend free parking after 5.30 p.m. to residential areas

Amiens relies on fare adjustments to improve rotation

From 1 February, parking charges will increase in Amiens. The decision was announced at a press conference organised by the City of Amiens. It is part of a drive toimprove rotation of vehicles parked in the city centre, thereby facilitating access to shops and services. At the same time as this price rise, however, the Town Hall has decided to extend free parking to residential areas after 5.30pm.

The objectives of the tariff review

The revision of tariffs has several objectives for the City of Amiens:

  • Better rotation: By adjusting prices, the council hopes to encourage motorists to vacate parking spaces more quickly. This will relieve congestion in the town centre and make it easier to access shops and services;
  • Encourage alternative forms of transport: In the face of rising parking costs, residents could also be encouraged to use public transport or other soft modes of transport such as walking or cycling;
  • Ensuring a better quality of life: By limiting traffic and parking problems, the town could offer its residents a more pleasant living environment.

Extension of free parking in residential areas

As announced at the press conference, the free parking to be extended to residential areas after 5.30pm. This measure is also designed to relieve pressure on the city centre by encouraging motorists to park their vehicles on the outskirts. Residents will also benefit from easier access to parking spaces close to their homes.

The benefits of extending free access

The extension of free parking offers a number of advantages for residents of residential areas:

  • Financial economics : Residents will be able to park free of charge near their homes after 5.30pm and save on parking charges;
  • Less stress: As the search for parking spaces is often a source of stress, this measure should help to reduce this tension, particularly at the end of the day after working hours;
  • Better quality of life : With better parking management, residents can enjoy a quieter and safer environment in which to travel.

Positive economic spin-offs expected for town centre shops and services

The aim of this reorganisation of parking in Amiens is also to supporting local economic activity. Better rotation of spaces and easier access to shops and services should encourage more potential customers to visit the town centre. This could help to revitalise the town centre and make Amiens more attractive.

Regular review to adjust measures if necessary

The City of Amiens plans to regularly monitor developments in the parking situation to assess the effectiveness of the measures put in place. If these measures do not produce the expected results, the municipality does not rule out adjusting the rates or the conditions of free parking in order to better meet the expectations of residents and shopkeepers.

In conclusion, the increase in parking charges in Amiens is accompanied by an extension of free parking in residential areas after 5.30pm. The aim of this strategy is to improve the rotation of vehicles parked in the city centre, while promoting economic activity and quality of life for residents. The impact of these measures will be assessed over time, so that further adjustments can be made if necessary.

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