When to go to Costa Rica cheap?

Costa Rica

Located between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Western, Costa Rica is a tiny Central American country bursting with energy and life. Even if the cultural sites are rare, this unspoiled paradise contains a wealth of riches and nature reserves extraordinary. A travel to Costa Rica will certainly please the tourists looking for exoticism. Discover through this guide, the best time to explore this country.

Costa Rica

Knowing the climate and weather to go to Costa Rica

It should be noted that temperatures at Costa Rica do not suffer from huge variations throughout the year. During the cold seasonthe temperature The minimum temperature is 17°C and in summer it is 25 to 30°CC on average. Unlike the ribs that are exposed to high heat, theInland is fresher. Similarly, the temperature of the Central Valley (the heart of the Costa Rica), particularly in the city of San Joséis less variable compared to the rest of the country. Throughout the time of yearon thermometer displays a temperature of 20°C. The inhabitants of the region have called this phenomenon: theeternal spring.

What is the best month or period to go to Costa Rica?

At Costa RicaThere are two main seasons, namely the rainy seasonof May to November and the dry season ranging from December to April. The latter is distinguished by the presence of heats, so the temperatures are high. As thesummer is sunnyon sky is blue from the morning to theafternoonThis is the ideal time for the tourists in search of a good cure for sun. Of course, you will find some rains on the ribsBut it is ephemeral and rare. As the name suggests, the rainy season in this country is the time of the showers recurring with a humid climate. At this time of yearthe Pacific coast is more watered than other regions.

Costa Rica

When is the cheapest time to go to Costa Rica Caribbean Coast?

The best time to go to the Costa Rica is during the dry season (December to April). Indeed, lovers of sun and beaches will certainly find their happiness and will be able to enjoy nature, without worrying about the weather in Costa Rica. The temperature of the sea is there for a good swim in the water. However, it is also the season the strongest ininflux tourism, especially of December to March. During this time of years, the price are easily increased. Thus, leaving the European snows to spend Christmas break on the paradise beach is an excellent alternative.

What to do in Costa Rica?

Several activities await you during your travel to Costa Rica

Things to do in Costa Rica from December to April

During the dry seasonYou can surf while enjoying the paradise beach of Santa Teresa. You can also discover the region from Rincón de la Vieja volcano and Arenal. Of course, the conditions are far from comfortable because of the rains the afternoonsbut the heat is omnipresent on the mornings as well as the evenings. Moreover, some tourists prefer humid climates. What's more, this is when there are fewer people on the beach.

What activities should I plan to do during the rainy season in Costa Rica?

During this time of year, you can witness the magic of the Turtle egg laying located in Tortuguero. Lovers of landscapes fabulous and animals can go to the national parks Costa Ricans.

In addition, most points of interest and hotels are located outside the city centre. So if you want to enjoy a great freedom to go where you want at your own pace, the car rental is an obligation. You will gain not only in independence for see incredible thingsbut you save money Also avoiding paying a fee for every little trip that is a little far away. However, all car rental agencies are not the same. You have to rely on a reputable site like the car rental company Jumbo Car Costa Rica. Not being a resident, to drive you must have at least 21 years old and have a driving licence validated since two years

Costa Rica

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