What to do in Castelsardo in Sardinia, Italy


What to do in Castelsardo in Sardinia in Italy ? Castelsardo is a charming town located on the northern coast of the Sardiniain Italy. Here are some activities and interesting attractions to do in Castelsardo:



Visit the castle of Castelsardo

The medieval castle is the main attraction of the city. Stroll through its narrow streets, admire the stone walls and enjoy the panoramic views on the sea.

Explore the historic centre

The historic centre of Castelsardo is a maze of cobbled streets, staircases and colourful houses. Lose yourself in its streets and discover local craft shops, restaurants and quaint cafes.


Visit the Cathedral of Castelsardo

The cathedral of Saint-Antoine Abate is a beautiful religious building located at the top of the city. Admire its architecture Gothic and its marble ornaments.

Discover the Intreccio Museum

This museum is dedicated to the traditional art of Sardinian basketry. There are exhibitions on weaving techniques and handmade wickerwork.

Enjoy the beaches

Castelsardo offers beautiful beaches where you can relax and enjoy the sun. The beaches from Lu Bagnu and La Marina di Castelsardo are popular for their crystal clear waters and picturesque scenery.

Taste the Sardinian cuisine

Don't miss the opportunity to taste the delicious local cuisine. Try some dishes typical as pasta alle vongole (clam pasta), the porceddu (roast suckling pig) and Pecorino cheeses.

Take part in local festivities

If you are lucky enough to visit Castelsardo during a traditional festival, you can enjoy a unique cultural experience. The celebrations of Holy Week and the feast of the Madonna dei Pescatori are particularly famous in the region. Don't forget to enjoy the charming atmosphere of this city and to immerse yourself in its history and culture.

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When is the best time to visit Castelsardo?

The best time to visit Castelsardo is generally from May to Septemberwhen the temperatures are pleasant and the weather is beaches are suitable for swimming. However, if you wish to avoid the crowds touristYou may want to consider visiting out of season.

How do I get to Castelsardo from the nearest airport?

L'airport the closest to Castelsardo is theairport of Alghero-Fertilia. From there you can take a taxi or rent a car to Castelsardo, which is about 60 km from theairport. It is also possible to take a bus, but times may be limited.

Are there any accommodation options in Castelsardo?

Yes, Castelsardo offers different types of accommodation, including hotelss, the guest housess, the rentals from holidays and campsites. It is recommended to book in advance, especially during the high season tourism.

What are the main sights in Castelsardo?

The main sites tourist of Castelsardo include the Castelsardo Castlethe cathedral of Saint Anthony Abate, the museum of the Intreccio and the beaches such as Lu Bagnu and La Marina di Castelsardo.

What activities can you do in Castelsardo apart from the tourist attractions?

Apart from the attractions touristYou can walk through the historic centre of Castelsardo, explore the local craft shops, taste the Sardinian cuisine in local restaurants, participate in cultural festivities and take advantage of the beaches to relax and bathe.

Is it possible to rent a car in Castelsardo?

Yes, it is possible to rent a car in Castelsardo. There are several agencies in car rental in and around the city. Make sure you have a valid driving licence and check the rental agency's requirements.

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What traditional dishes should I try in Castelsardo?

Some traditional dishes to try in Castelsardo include pasta alle vongole (pasta with clams), porceddu (roast suckling pig), pecorino cheeses and local sweets like seadas (fried pastries with cheese and honey).

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