Common reasons for cancelling cruises


Cancelling a cruise is an unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable situation. If you choose to Go with Costa CrociereHowever, there are certain situations in which you can be reimbursed for your trip, and it's a good idea to check the general conditions of sale to find out what they are.

Common reasons for cancelling cruises include weather problems, technical problems, health crises and personal problems.


Weather problems

Hazardous weather conditions such as hurricanes, storms or violent waves can compromise the safety of passengers and crew. In such cases, cruise companies prefer to cancel or modify the itinerary to avoid any risk.

Technical problems

Cruise ships are complex machines that require regular maintenance and sometimes repairs. In the event of a major technical problem, a cruise may be cancelled to allow the cruise lines to resolve the problem and guarantee passenger safety. Although this can cause inconvenience and delays, the priority is to ensure that the ship is in perfect working order before setting sail.

Health crises, such as epidemics of contagious diseases

Cruise lines take the health and well-being of their passengers and crew very seriously. In the event of a threat to public health, a cruise may be cancelled or postponed to avoid the spread of disease. This could include situations such as a flu epidemic, a gastro-enteritis outbreak or even a global pandemic. The year 2020 is a perfect example of a crisis that was difficult to anticipate by booking your cruise several months in advance.

Personal problems

Unforeseen circumstances such as sudden health problems, family emergencies or professional conflicts may force passengers to cancel their trip. In these situations, it is important to consult the cruise line's cancellation policies and contact their customer service department for information on refund or postponement options.


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