Top 3 things to do on a trip to Morocco


Morocco is one of the favourite destinations for tourists wishing to set foot in Africa. Still called the land of the distant sunset, it has everything to please because it has managed to preserve its natural charms while modernising itself. If you are planning to spend your next holiday in Morocco, this article is for you. You will discover what to do to enjoy this trip.

A unique motorbike road trip

Undertake a motorbike road trip is a particularly exciting activity for motorcyclists. One thing is to drive on the beautiful motorways of Europe. Riding a motorbike in Morocco will give you a great feeling. The routes to be followed are completely different. There are secret tracks and spots that are unknown to the general public.

By going through the Morocco by motorbikeThis is an opportunity to appreciate the colours of the country and to get a better feel for the local realities. It is also an opportunity to discover beautiful places such as :

  •         The grand canyon of Zagora ;
  •         The Dades Gorges;
  •         The desert mountains.

The ideal choice for this adventure would be to opt for a motorbike trip to Morocco with Vintage Rides. In eight days, this company will take you across the whole country. It provides you with powerful vehicles with all the necessary protective equipment for your safety. It also takes care of your accommodation. It also provides French-speaking guides to optimise your experience. It is in fact a excellent alternative for motorcycle tourists.

Contemplating the valley of paradise

It is located in the High Atlas, a few kilometres from Agadir. As its name suggests, it is a a real corner of paradise which is a real eye-catcher. This site offers a magnificent view. It has many waterfalls, pools and unusual gorges.

To get to this valley, there are only two narrow paths. In fact, it is only accessible by motorbike and on foot. Once there, you will find tables and chairs to sit and enjoy the spectacle of Mother Nature. You can also call on the site managers to order refreshments.

It should also be noted that this location is an excellent starting point for hikers. If you are one of them, add Paradise Valley to your list of places to visit on a trip to Morocco.

Visit the Ksar of Aït-Ben-Haddou

The Ksar of Aït-Ben-Haddou is very impressive in its size. It includes:

  •         Places of prayer;
  •         Cemeteries;
  •         A public square;
  •         Habitats, etc.

It was built with rammed earth around the seventeenth century and even illustrates the splendour of Moroccan architecture. The buildings are therefore original and have not been altered in any way over time. Moreover, the site has been listed in the UNESCO heritage.

Therefore, it is a village worth visiting. For this reason, it has been used as a film set for famous films such as Jesus of Nazareth, Gladiator and Game Of Thrones. This place will blow your mind. 

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