Our tips for cheap travel on your holiday

Make a cheap trip for your holidays is not impossible. You just have to be smart about it. So that you don't have to empty your bank account, we'll explain in the following how to proceed.

Choose the least touristy destination to reduce your expenses

ParisNew York or London are certainly the most important. destinations The most popular tourist destinations. The highest rates are also found in these highly touristy cities. For enjoy a cheap trip With family or friends, you might as well choose a destination that is not very touristy, but whose charm is undeniable. Albania, Gabon, the Comoros and Kyrgyzstan are excellent places to spend your holidays.

Last minute flights for cheaper travel

On the internet, many airlines offer last-minute flights that allow you to travel for less. The time of a weekendyou can take advantage of a ticket cheap airfare to get to RomeLisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, etc. Of course, as a last-minute traveller, you can also visit many French cities.

Choosing the right activities to enjoy a cheaper holiday

Throughout your stay, remember to choose your activities carefully. They should be perfectly in line with your budget. For example, you should bear in mind that going to Disneyland will cost you a certain amount of money... This is not the case for a visit to the fairground... Similarly, spending an afternoon on the beach The fact that a hotel's private beach suggests having to do without a free public beach.

Use your friends' accommodation to save money

If possible, don't hesitate to ask local friends to put you up for the duration of your stay or for a few days. This tip will allow you to save a nice little sum money. If not housed by relatives, the option of couchsurfing is possible. Originating in the United States, this practice consists of being hosted for free by a host living in the host country.

Tips for saving money on your holiday in a jumble

How can you spend less on your holiday? While the tips given above are sure to help, we have some others:

  • privilégier les public transport au lieu de prendre un taxi ou un VTC ;
  • always think about negotiating on prices;
  • prefer cooking at home instead of eating out;
  • travel in low season ;
  • Opt for weekday departures and returns instead of weekends;
  • etc.

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