5 things to do in Mers les Bains in one day

mers les bains
mers les bains

Mers les bains is a French commune located in the department of Sumin the region Tops of France. It is one of the three main towns in the urban unit of Eu.

Why Mers les Bains?

The discovery of sea baths, launched in England in 1860, and their therapeutic benefits led to the spectacular development of Mers. The railway brought the first holidaymakers called "bathers" at the end of the 19th century, from industry or the aristocracy with the rich bourgeoisie of northern France as amiens - they build second homes; the modern world that we know today as "thalassotherapy" is born; this is how the seaside resort des Bains which means "the waters" because there were two hot springs nearby

Where is Mers les bains?

Located on the Channel coastlinenorth of the mouth of the Bresle, i.e. just on the border between the Hauts-de-France region and the NormandyMers les bains is a seaside resort in the Sum. The town of Mers les Bains belongs to the arrondissement of Abbeville and the canton ofAult.

What to do in Mers les bains?

Mers-les-Bains is a small town that should be a stop on your visit to the Côte d'Albâtre!

Admire the villas of the seaside district

The villas of Mers les Bains are known for their location by the sea, their architecture and their diversity. You will be able to admire the different styles, each one more original and refined than the other. 

Loaded with symbols linked to nature, fauna, flora or the marine environment, the facades are also well decorated.

It should be noted that names of all these villas are inscribed on the facades. So remember to look at them.

Restaurant Mers les bains

The seagulls

les Mouettes is a charming restaurant French located on the beach of Mers les bains. The cuisine is fresh and traditional, with an emphasis on seafood. Les Mouettes is the perfect place for a romantic evening, a special occasion or just a view of the sunset. The service is friendly and efficient, and the atmosphere is charming. Les Mouettes would be an excellent addition to any itinerary of holidays.

A taste for the open sea

Le goût du large, a Michelin-starred restaurant, offers first-class French cuisine at reasonable prices. If you are looking for an exquisite dining experience when you visit Normandy, be sure to put Le goût du large on the list of Michelin-starred restaurants

Exploring the town centre of Mers les bains

As your visitYou can discover the well-preserved architecture and period houses of the city centre of Mers les bains. Also visit  the town hallThis building is one of the most remarkable sites. It is decorated with numerous ceramics and stained glass windows that depict the history of the city.

Passing in front the church of Saint Martin,  in neo-Byzantine style. Inside, there is a fascinating altarpiece dating from the 17th century. It is a listed monument.

Near this church, you can see the oldest house of Mers

Finally, one of the most large glassworks of the world is at the entrance to the city.

Walking on the beach at Mers les Bains

As an integral part of the city's landscape, the Mers les Bains beach extends all along this sea front, from the cliffs to Le Tréport.

Between May and September, you will have the chance to see the small wooden cabins take place on the beach. Every summer, these typical cabins invade the pebbles of Mers-les-Bains.

Attend the Bathers' Festival

This party will arouse your curiosity if you are a history lover. The Bathers' Festival takes you back to the 1900s. On the programme, you can travel around the town in a horse-drawn carriage, play games, enjoy the entertainment as before and wear period costumes. 

The time to attend these festivities is during the last weekend of July.

Visit the Treport from Mers les Bains

Le Tréport and Mers les Bains are two small towns in Normandy, France. Although often overshadowed by the larger towns in the region, these picturesque towns offer visitors a glimpse of authentic French culture. Mers les Bains is known for its beautiful beachesLe Tréport is a popular destination for fishing and walking. Both communes are home to charming cafés and shops, and the locals are warm and welcoming. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an outdoor adventure, Le Tréport and Mers les Bains are well worth a visit.

How to get to Mers les bains from Paris?

To reach the city of Amiens from Paris, the train is probably the best option. The SNCF TER service allows you to travel comfortably within the same region or between two neighbouring regions at low prices. SNCF trains from Paris to Amiens start from the Gare du Nord in Paris and arrive at the Amiens station. However, one of the quickest ways to get from Paris to Mers-les-Bains is also by rent a car between individuals with Ouicar and Getaround. The journey takes 2h15 minutes.

Weather in Mers les Mars with the Webcam Mers les bains

If you are looking for a charming seaside town to visit in FranceIf you're looking for a place to stay, you should visit Mers les Bains. This charming coastal community has beautiful cliffs and a beautiful beachIt is perfect for a relaxing holiday. And if you want to get a glimpse of life on the spot, you can do so by watching the Mers les bains webcam located on the beachfront docks. Thanks to this webcam, you can enjoy the view of the beach and the cliffs at any time!

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