How do you plan your trip to the Philippines?


Whatever trip you want to take, it's important to prepare it well. This will allow you to leave with a clear head and make the most of your holiday. This time, we've decided to help you prepare for your trip to the Philippines. Before you take off, you'll need to plan your accommodation, as well as your budget. You'll also need to find out about health and safety in the Philippines. There are many must-see places in this archipelago. Preparing your tour will ensure that you don't miss any of them, and that you visit places that are each more incredible than the last. How can you be sure of a wonderful stay in the Philippines? 

What should you do before your trip to the Philippines? 

The Philippines is an archipelago comprising hundreds of islands. So it's not easy to organise a trip there. That's one of the reasons why it's best to plan ahead. 

Planning your accommodation and budget

First of all, you need to plan your accommodation and budget. Booking your accommodation in advance provides a form of security, especially when you're going away from home. By booking your accommodation, you can also define your budget. Airline tickets and accommodation account for the lion's share of your budget when you go on a travel of this type. Travel between the islands can be very expensive. Conversely, food is very cheap. 

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Find out about health and safety in the Philippines 

In countries like these, health and safety are particularly important for tourists. When it comes to vaccinations, it is important to consult a health professional. There are no compulsory vaccinations in the Philippines. However, some vaccinations are strongly recommended. These include DTP and MMR for children, as well as vaccinations against tuberculosis and hepatitis A. Vaccinations against typhoid and hepatitis B are also sometimes recommended. In terms of safety, the Philippines does not have a reputation for being a very safe country. However, many travellers claim that these are just rumours and that there is absolutely no sense of insecurity. Admittedly, some areas in certain cities can be a little more dangerous at night. You just have to be careful and not play with fire. 

Travel to the Philippines: must-sees

The Philippines remains a very popular destination. There are so many wonders to discover that it's hard to choose. In fact, it would take several months to visit all the must-see places in the Philippines. 

Preparing your tour of the country

To make sure you get the most out of your trip, we advise you to prepare a tour before you leave. Thanks to platforms such as Voyage Privé, you can discover a tour in the Philippines. There are many options to choose from. All you have to do is make your choice, based on the expectations you have for your trip. Likewise, don't forget to gather all the practical information you need about transport, but also about life on the ground. 

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The most beautiful places in the Philippines

Generally speaking, when you're on a trip, you create a circuit based on the places you want to discover. To begin with, Manila remains a must-see in the Philippines. Its many facets and contrasting districts fascinate tourists. Visit colonial town of Vigan is also a place steeped in history, which leaves its mark on travellers. On the other hand, the Ifugao region is particularly famous for its rice terraces, built into the mountainside. You can also climb the Taal volcano on a breathtaking hike. Finally, a trip to the Philippines wouldn't be a trip to the Philippines without the heavenly beaches you'll be delighted to enjoy. 

Before setting off on a trip to the Philippines, it's important to plan a number of things, including your accommodation and your budget. You should also find out about health and safety in the Philippines. There are many must-see places there, and you'll have the opportunity to plan your tour accordingly. Will the Philippines retain its status as a popular destination? 

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