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Amiensthe capital of Picardy, is a green city where life is good. The proof is in its golf clubThe course is open to all and offers an idyllic setting to practice this sport in the best conditions. All shots are allowed on the 18 holes of this course located only a few kilometres from the city centre.

golf in Amiens

What is Amiens golf and how is it played?

The Amiens Golf Club is the leading symbol of the art of living in Picardy. It is an association golf game represented by 500 members. The course is located on the edge of the Querrieu WoodThis is a 6006 metre flat stretch of land from the Back Tees. The competition remains open to the donor, guests and visitors who are not members of the club, unless otherwise specified by the donor.

The game consists of sending a ball into a hole with the help of clubs. The aim is to complete a round in as few strokes as possible. Since its configuration in 1977, the game has become more technique and requires more thought. The participants can express themselves on the course with the 18 holes.

There are few water hazards, except for hole 8 where the water is on the landing of the drive. You can refresh the long approaches to the green on No. 9. A award ceremony will be made at the end, where the winner will receive a gross or net prize.

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The advantages of playing golf in Amiens

The green attacks are easier in this wooded area. Every day of the year is a good time to play this course, as the chalk subsoil stays dry all year round. The quality of the soil maintains the density of the fairways and roughs. In addition, there is a good restaurant with a breathtaking view of the horizon. You can enjoy a wide range of dishes on site. The friendliness of the Club House lounges pyramid-shaped glass and the terrace will be on hand.

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How to start playing golf in Amiens

Before starting to play, the player and the scorer sign the card and hand it to the secretariat. The amateurs golfers will appreciate the practice of 20 posts throughout this wooded setting. A magnetic badge gives you access to the practice balls at any time. You can start with the sprocket hole located on hole 1. It is a quiet space to calibrate different shots. To learn about lobbed approaches and bunker exits, it is advisable to choose the small chipping Green. To fully appreciate this delicate art, go to the large putting green practice range. It is centred opposite the Club House, right next to hole 1.

Golf etiquette in Amiens

Ease begins with the dress code. In order to make the most of this course, it is necessary to wear the correct attire. At the start, it is forbidden to make trial shots. Replace the divot on the fairway as best as possible. In order to play, you must be in front of the player who is playing. You should never stand on the playing line behind or just in front of the player for reasons of security. If the ball arrives in a bunkerTake the rake to erase the traces. Above all, leave the bunker on the same side as you entered it.

To save 30 minutes on all holes, you have to be smart and put the cart on the next tee before you putt on the green. Using the putter to lift the ball into the hole damages the edges of the hole. Therefore, pick the ball up with your hand instead. If you are playing a full circleIt is possible to overtake a player who is playing a incomplete turn. The previous holes may be crowded, but never start a round on holes 10, 12, and 14.

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Compliance with these label terms guarantees a friendly game on a beautiful green field.

Golf tips in Amiens for beginners

If you are a beginner in golf, it is best to start with a course. The Amiens Golf Club offers a session of training of a hour minimum for a group of 8 to 10 people. The groups are classified according to level and age. Each participant progresses at his or her own pace in a safe and friendly atmosphere. sportiness. This will teach you how to hit the ball properly.

As a beginner, do not invest in a set of golf clubs. Start only with a 3 wood to hit the ball and 5 to 9 irons. Use a fairway wedge, a sand wedge and a straight iron. They are easier to handle.

If you want to swing like a pro, make sure you plant your feet on the ground. This allows the batter to keep their eyes on the ball and make maximum impact on the ball.

This art is acquired through determination and the practiceTake the time you need to learn the basics. Later on, you can take part in competitions and win prizes. You will be proud of your achievements.

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