5 reasons to visit Valloires Abbey

Valloires Abbey is a foundation Cistercian well preserved from the 12th century. It is located in the small village of Argoules a few kilometres from the Bay of the Somme in the authie valley. It is the only abbey Cistercian from the 18th century complete in France.


History of Valloires Abbey

In 1138, the first monks of the Cistercian order arrive in Valloires. The place has summer built in the same year after obtaining a building permit from Guy II of Ponthieu. The congregation of the Cistercian friars remained there for over 600 years. After the church was summer rebuilt on September 5, 1756. Since the reconstruction in the 18th century, the church has been abbey church has taken on a different look with woodwork, paintings and sculptures in the decoration.

The Abbey garden Cistercian of Argoules

On a site of approximately 8 ha, the garden is the most dominant of the place. Several centuries separate the construction of the abbey and the gardensBut now their combination offers a spectacular view. More 5,000 species of plants and flowers different, neat and multicoloured are planted in the garden of Valloires.

At the foot of theAbbeyA large area is cut into squares with a surface of 25m2 each. This has summer built to recall the vegetable gardens that the monks used to plant. In the Middle Ages, the monks of Valloires were one of the strongest settlements in the northern region. Another garden is surrounded by the four galleries.

The plants in this huge garden are classified by resemblance and not by species for the pleasure of the eye.

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The interior of the church in Valloires Picardie

There are many interesting things inside the church. For example: discover the works of the Austrian Simon Pfaffenhoffen with the neoclassical style of the large façade. The confessional, the carved organ case and the pulpit are also his work. The double choir railings reading The "golden wall", i.e. gilded on both sides, separating the nave from the rest of the building, has summer made by the ironmonger Jean Baptiste Veyren. The choir is decorated with panelling and stalls carved with the high altar in black marble decorated with two angels in gilded lead, topped by a wrought iron Eucharistic suspension in the form of a palm tree. summer also made by the great Jean Veyren.

Activity at Abbaye Valloires de la Baie de Somme

This abbey Cistercian with gardens contemporaries is a exceptional siteYou can make several activities by passing a weekend or a stay on the estate.

Take a tour and take pictures

The landscape of this monument history a summer redeveloped 25 years ago. Today, the place is a postcard setting in the middle of farmland. Tourists come to seek peace, relaxation and quiet. The visit will help you to get away from the routine. The photos taken during the escapade will remind you of your good moments of peace. The visit to Valloires Abbey can be done individually, in groups or for schools.

Restaurant La table du jardinier at the Abbaye de Valloires

If you are looking for a unique dining experience, La Table du Jardinier is worth a visit. Located in the park of the Abbaye de Valloires, this restaurant offers a view impregnable on the gardens and the surrounding countryside. The food is also excellent, with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients. If you are looking for a romantic setting or an interesting place to take friends, La Table du Jardinier is definitely worth a look.

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Organising a concert, wedding or other function

The estate has a reception room that can accommodate various activities and receptions such as group meals, weddings, christenings, seminars. You can also organise a film shoot or a recording. Private concerts are also available.

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