10 activities in Amiens with children


Looking for places to spend a holiday with your children ? Amiens is a great place to make memories and do a variety of things. activities with the family. Here are 10 activities that you could do as a family.

Take a boat trip through the Hortillonnages in Amiens with your children

This place is a haven of peace in the heart of the city of Amiens. You will find more than 2,000 plant species of all colours in the hanging gardens on the edge of a 65 km long river. Spread over an area of more than 300 hectares, you can visit the site by boat or on foot as you wish. The best time to explore is the third Sunday in June. This is the waterfront festival where the hortillons will be dressed in traditional clothes. At this time, they cross the river in a horn boat. Relaxation and atmosphere are guaranteed in an impressive setting.

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The 10th anniversary of the Zénith in Amiens

Explore Amiens Zoo

For the childrena zoo visit is a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of various wild animals. Just a stone's throw from the city, you'll find the magnificent Island of Biodiversity. The zoo is a site that conserves species threatened with extinction. Covering an area of 7 hectares of lush greenery, it is home to over 500 species of animal from all over the world, enough to delight your prodigies.

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See Notre Dame Cathedral Amiens

Discover with your children the largest cathedral of the country. It is a large building from the Middle Ages, dating back to the 12th century, in the Gothic style. You can see the harmonious layout of the place. The heritage is also full of treasures in a polychrome decor. The Notre Lady of Amiens is a real historical discovery not to be missed in the city centre.

Visit Samara Park

The archaeological park of Samara is a right address where you will spend a unique moment with the different activities that the local offers. See the gestures and techniques of the ancestors during the animated workshops or the reconstruction of prehistoric habitats.

Various activities are available for children :

  • introduction to pottery
  • learning the technique of fire
  • introduction to the blacksmith's trade
  • flint knapping

During the holidays, Samara offers a wide range of activities where all age groups will have their share of leisure activities such as shows animated. You can also discover Gallic or Roman cuisine at Caesar's Bistro, where he will prepare historical recipes for you. The cost of the visit depends on what you want to do and varies according to age.

Plant Gardens Amiens

What more could you ask for to relax when you have a 9800 m2 garden in front of you? Right in the heart of the city, you'll find the Jardin des Plantes, a place of fresh air and relaxation. Since the 18th century, it has been formalized by boxwood-lined flowerbeds. Rehabilitated in 2006, it was marked by the addition of a rose collection in 2011. Admire a magnificent landscape of green plants adorned with flowers of every colour. In this vast garden, discover more than 1800 plant species, including :

  • food plants
  • medicinal plants
  • non-food plants
  • plants used in industry and crafts
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Saint Peter's Park


The city of Amiens is full of botanical parks where the family can meet and relax. A stone's throw from the city centrethe Saint Pierre park offers a view of the cathedral and the Perret tower. In an area of 22 ha, you can have a picnic, ride a bike, go on swings or just go for a walk. The park has several ponds with swans and ducks for fun and relaxation. The best part is that the visit is free.

Treasure hunt at Enigmamiens: a must-do leisure activity

This is one of the best ways to get together with your children after the routine of everyday life. The treasure hunt will pique the curiosity of the little ones and renew the complicity in the family. You can also discover the city in a different way. There are a number of routes offered by the establishment, allowing visitors to choose what they like best. You must book your day in advance in order to prepare your route. The game lasts approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on your choice.

The Archaeological Garden of Saint-Acheul

In the archaeological garden of Saint-Acheul you can see the bifaces, which are carved tools found in the mid-19th and early 20th centuries. In reference to the name of the district of Saint-Acheul, the cutting is called Acheulean. You will have the opportunity to play archaeologist with your children in this garden.

City tour with the Jules Vernes Express on Sunday

Another activity that will satisfy your little angels. Discover the city centre and the surrounding area by taking a ride on the Jules Vernes Express. This little train leaves from the forecourt of the cathedral. On the way, it will take you to the ZOO, the Museum of Picardyand at the Maison Jules Verne, the Hortillonnages and lots of other surprising places. Visit tariff varies with the seasons.

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House of Jules Verne

The home of the great writer Jules Verne has become a museum that can be visited by the whole family. The visit will allow you to enrich the knowledge of your children but at the same time take pleasure in the many works of the artist. In the large two-storey house, you will find various masterpieces and all the books written by Jules Verne. To go there, you will have to book in advance because for security reasons the number of visitors is limited. The tariff is also accessible to all.

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