What price should I expect for a hotel room in Montpellier?


The week has summer It is a difficult time because your professional career tends to stress you out. You would like to take a break for a weekend by going with friends or family. These are the cities in the south of the France which are often preferred as they are close to the beaches and the Mediterranean. We advise you to go to Montpellier, because the hotels are affordable and your stay will not be expensive.

Less than 80 euros for one night

You must enter the departure and arrival dates and the number of people. You will immediately get the availability for this cheap hotel in Montpellier. Depending on the services and the distance to the city centre, you will pay more or less. We advise you to choose a good plan to save 5 % of the price. Become a member of the site and receive a discount on all your bookings.

  • For example, a night in Balaruc, 22 km from Montpellier, you will pay less than 53 euros for a night if you are a member.
  • Otherwise, you have to add 3 euros for the same hotel and one night only.
  • If you go away often, this small saving could allow you to leave quickly with a free night.

In fact, as you reduce the cost by 3 euros, if you go 20 times with the same branch, you will have saved almost 60 euros. Now you know that becoming a member can be an effective way to enjoy a cheaper holiday.

Prices rise as you move closer to the city centre

Let's say you want to stay in Montpellier to be close to all the places must-haves and even the beachYou will have to increase your budget. However, the small discount for members is 10 %, so you will pay 135 euros per night compared to 150 euros if you are not a member of the network.

The hotel is affordable as it is ideally located less than 800 metres from the city centre. Do not hesitate to inform us of your needs You can then use the form to locate the nearest hotels in Montpellier and plan your stay. It is also possible to leave at the last minute, which is often a great way to save money.

This city is perfect for relaxing after a relatively difficult week. It's a good idea to take a short break and relax.

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