How to see the seals in the Baie de Somme?

see the seals in the bay of somme

The seal colony in the Bay of the Somme is the largest of France. Where to see seals in Baie de somme ? Discover these seals with amazing faces and childlike eyes that rest out of the water at tide The female is now resting on resting places to moult, regain energy, give birth and suckle her young.


Go to the Pointe du Hourdel to observe the seal colony

It is up to Hourdel where it all begins. The largest amount of seals in Bay of the Somme is located at the Hourdel point. It is a small, settled fishing village, which is a hamlet of Cayeux sur mer* and 10km from Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme. It is possible to park along the quay or just after the Hourdel harbour.

Hourdel lighthouse

The Hourdel lighthouse is located in the commune of Cayeux-sur-Mer. Built on the south side of the Bay of the Somme and at the end of the Hourdel point. Historically, the first fire dates from 1840. The construction serves as a landmark for the various nature outings. 

Hourdel Beach

It is a very large beach of pastel shades (blue, grey, beige). The place is quiet and you can see the colony (seals). You can also enjoy the fishermen's supply of scallops or in shrimp and flatfish.

Discover a multitude of small heads emerging from the waters as they enter the wide open spaces and white sandy strips. An exceptional moment to observe these seals in their own natural habitats. Their big, wide, soft eyes will make you fall in love with them and give you a real moment of happiness with your family.

Cayeux sur Mer*

Cayeux sur Mer is a French commune located in the department of Sum (Hauts-de-France region). It is part of the regional nature park Bay of the Somme since 2020. Its inhabitants are called the Cayolais.

Where to see the seals at Hourdel Point?

It is north of Cayeux sur merto the Hourdel point and at the foot of the blockhouse you can observe the colony. The right bank is often the resting place of the seals. The left bank is therefore ideal for admiring and contemplating them.

Discovering seals in the Baie de Somme

Discover these magnificent mammals of the Bay of the Somme and experience an unforgettable show.

Where to find seals in the Baie de Somme?

The colony of seals the most important in Bay of the Somme is located at the Hourdel point. Located at 10km from St Valéry-sur-SommeIt is a very friendly little fishing village. You can park just past the port of Hourdel but also the along the quay.

When to go and see the seals in the Baie de Somme?

See the seals in Bay of the Somme can be done during all year round. From tide high as of tide low. As the sea recedes, a small area of land becomes visible. seal They sometimes number around a hundred and take a rest before the next one. They sometimes number close to a hundred and take a rest before the next tide. Afterwards, the seals go fishing again. However, the moving spectacle of the young seals the newborns is taking place at the late spring.

Best time to see seals in the Baie de Somme?

The best time to see the seals in Bay of the Somme is the period when the sea is low. Indeed, in June, July and AugustThey are present every day.

How to see seals in the Bay of Somme?

Bring a pair of binoculars or a spyglass as you will not see the seals with the naked eye. Watching these animals during your stay is inevitable. 

To make your trip more enjoyable and before going to see the seals, there are a few things you should know: 

The best option to see them is the exit at tide low to the Hourdel point

The presence of a guide is recommended for various reasons. 

Sea calves will be present, but also grey seals.

Visible all year round, there is no best time to see the colony.

How many species of seals are there in the Baie de Somme?

There are two species of seals in the bay: the Calf seal and the Grey seal. The Calf is a seal focused on the bay and its surroundings, while the Grey is more mobile, it can hunt far away from the bay.

With or without a guide to discover them?

It is always useful to be with a guideIt will allow you to find out more about these incredible marine mammals and to get closer to them. Binoculars will also be provided for you to admire them.

Other safety instructions

Do not venture onto the sand without consulting the schedules of tides. If the sea rises, the currents are very dangerous for inattentive visitors.

Seals in Berck-sur-Mer

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