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Cayeux sur mer
Cayeux sur mer

Cayeux sur mer is a French commune belonging to the department of La Sum. It is in the Hauts-de-France region. It is part of the Baie de Somme natural park on the Picardy coast.

Cayeux sur mer est une petite ville côtière française. Il y a ce petit marina picturesque with cabins of beaches painted in bright colours that line up as you walk towards the pier!


The population in 80410 cayeux sur mer

According to the last census in 2018, the population numbered 2,462. These inhabitants are settled on a total area of 26.29 km2 or a density of 93.6/km2. The inhabitants of this municipality are called Cayollais and Cayollaises.

Where is cayeux sur mer on the map?

This city is located on the coast of the Picardyin the south of the Bay of the Sommein the natural region of Marquenterre and to the west of Abbeville.

The towns near the commune are : Le Havre, Amiens and Lille.

What is the temperature and weather in Cayeux-sur-Mer?

The city of Cayeux sur mer has an oceanic climate like the Picardy. The temperature during winter varies from 1°C to 12°C. In summer, la température monte de 10°C jusqu’à 22°C. Le temps dans cette région est souvent cloudy avec beaucoup de pluie même en winter.

Why brighton pines?

The pine woods, also known as Brighton woods, have summer planted by the British in the 1950s. They did this in order to fix the sand. Nowadays, the place has become a must for a walk in full nature wild.

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What to visit in Cayeux sur mer according to the tourist office?

There are many sites to discover in this city of the Picardy coast. If you are in holidaysHere are some places to visit:

Hourdel point in the Cayeux town hall

You will find colonies of seals on the Bay of the Somme. The Hourdel Point is a small port in the south of the bay. You could visit the Hourdel point during the tide This is in the months of June, July and August. If you want to watch them, take binoculars or a spyglass. In real time, you will not see the seals with the naked eye.

Chalk cliffs of Ault

The chalk cliffs of Ault and Onival come from the chalky cliffs of Haute-Normandie which continue to the mouth of the Bresle from Mers-les-Bains. These cliffs are up to 80 m high between Mers and Ault. Those at Ault are 38m. At the foot of the cliff, a narrow beach of sand and pebbles extends, it is followed by a wide chalky plain which is discovered during the tide low. This wide area measures 300 to 400m. There is also the town of Ault which is built on the edge of the chalk cliffs, and which extends even further north.

The plank path and the cabins on the beach of Cayeux

The emblem of the Cayeux sur mer is the boardwalk and its cabins of beach. This path has a total of 400 cabins. This place dates back to the end of the 19th century when sea bathing was popular. Even the locals love to have a good time here.

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At sunset, the light illuminates the cabins with a brilliant glow. The path is 1.2 km long and is an ideal place for walks.

On the northern side, the square offers a beautiful view of the white of Brighton and the red lighthouse. If you go further south, you can see the cliffs of Ault from an extraordinary view.

From this address you can reach the Hourdel point by following the coastal path. It's only 7 km from there. And at 17 km, you will arrive at the Saint-Valery-sur-Somme.

The seaside resort of Cayeux

The seaside resort from Cayeux of the Picardy is one of the oldest seaside resorts in Europe. France. It has summer created during the era of the Bays of Seas. It has a coastline of over 14 km. This beach is divided into several zones.

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