5 ideas to keep your children busy during the winter holidays

occupy, winter

During the holidays winterchildren should stay at homeThis is because they can't go outside to play because of the cold. To prevent them from getting bored or spending all their time in front of the screen, here are 5 effective ideas for occupy them and so that you can spend a nice family moment.

What activities can I do during the winter holidays?

Doing creative activities

Introduce your children to drawingto the paints, the manual activities, at DIYetc. It will be fun and is a good family activity. It gives concrete expression to his overflowing imaginationbut also so that the child can cultivating a taste for learning and apply knowledge.

For example, you can get them to recycle and create new toys using a roll of toilet paper or paper towels to make little buggies, houses, figurines... Or, give them brushes and paint and let them express their creativity. Just give him objects to paint and you will have a decorative piece to embellish your home.

Getting started in the kitchen

occupy, winter

What could be better for you to get closer to your children? If they often like to help parents in the kitchen, give them an apron and all the necessary materials, and teach them to cooking simple and effective recipes that you can enjoy together at snack time or lunch time. You can have fun making cakes, cookies, pizzas, doughnuts, etc. Choose a easy to prepare recipeand enjoyed by your child, so that the activity can be successful. to stimulate the sense of tasteof the touchof thesense of smelland even the view

Board games to do

For a moment of happiness, conviviality and complicity with your child, opt for board games. These games are attractive and there are games for all ages.

From the age of 1, you can choose board games, dice games, games of skill, stacking games or manipulation games. This is to stimulate their attention.

From 3 years oldFor example, choose cooperative games to develop team spirit, mutual aid and communication skills. You can also opt for simple card games, memory games or lotto, etc.

From the age of 5, play strategy games in teams, such as puzzles, to stimulate concentration and perceptive reasoning.

Finally, from 6 years oldThere are many choices: you can opt for mechanical games, which will develop their attention span and thinking skills. You can also opt for observation games, investigations, puzzles, role-playing games, etc.

In short, think of simple games according to the your child's level of understandingThis is to keep them interested, as they may lose interest very quickly if the game seems too difficult.

What to do during the February holidays with your teenager?

Making disguises

What could be more fun than digging through your wardrobe of old clothes to create unlikely disguises? Bring out your child's creative potential by inventing a new costume together. play. You can also opt for a small fashion show. You give your child themes and let them dress up in their own interpretation. It will be fun and funny, and it will awaken their creative spirit.

Organising a film screening

Choose a good age-appropriate film, and spend a few minutes with your child. pleasant moment in front of the TV. Watching educational films such as documentaries, or animated films like cartoons, etc. It's up to you to decide which one is best, the important thing is that it's entertaining, and that it can help them discover new things.

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