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What to do in the somme this weekend?

If you are in weekend in the Baie de sommeMake a diversion to the crotoy. It is a French port town located in the department of Sumin the Hauts de France. It is now a seaside resort for weekends or holidays, and is very popular with families. holidays

By the way, here is 5 activities in the open air that you can do when you visit the region:

What to do in the Baie de Somme?

A trip to the beach

Discover this long beach of fine sand facing southIt is an exceptional place with extraordinary landscapes. It is a quiet place perfect for relaxing, swimming, sunbathing or doing activities.

The beach is also known for its large tides where a multitude of colours of the Bay of the Somme. At sunset, enjoy a fabulous display of pink and violet palettes of the sky rubbing off on the sea water.

What to visit in the Baie de Somme?

A visit to the Marquenterre Park

The Marquenterre Park is a natural ornithological reserve located between land and sea, with its 200 ha of marshes, dunes and reed beds. It has marked paths where you can easily observe nature and the animal species and plants of the bay. You will also see various species of birds from Europe or back from Africa

When the tide enjoy a pleasant and relaxing boat trip and go to the discovery of grey seals and marine calves. In order not to scare the animals and to ensure your safety, you will be accompanied by a nature guide.

Where to go in the Baie de Somme ? - What to see in the Baie de Somme?

A walk in the forest of Crécy

Leave this weekend to discover this place of calm and change of scenery, which is the largest forest massif of the Sum. A 4000 ha forest with 20 remarkable trees and 2 walking loops

It is a very popular place for hikers and where you walk these circuits emblematic of the forest, namely :

The enclaves (4 km) which is a beautiful undergrowth, formerly privately owned and now incorporated into the forest. 

The big beeches (3.3 km: a world of sculpted trees in the forest of Crécy telling Picardy legends on the road to the Clairière du Muguet and at the Hutte des Vieux Chênes. 

The galandeaux 4.8 km): a place named after the pond, which was a meeting point for the in love.

The 2 ponds ( 4.1 km): you start your walk at the "clearing of the lily of the valley", a place very well known by hikers. Here you will see the two giants of the forest, the "enemy brothers" and the "beech and oak forever entwined".

The Hallot (3.9 km): enjoy a walk through the coppice and hallots, which are bushes in picard

The old oaks (3.6 km): take a walk among the old kings of the forest, in a calm and soothing environment.

The high lodge (5.8 km): a former royal hunting ground frequented in these periods by King François I. This activity allows the regulation of wild animals to promote the regeneration of tree stands.

The long terminal (3.9 km): which is the last vestige of the limits of the ecclesiastical woods formerly attached to the seigniorial forest of Crécy.

From the campsite


Enjoy an activity for the whole family in a wooded setting with a panoramic view of the Somme Bay. You can relax away from all the noise of the city while admiring these beautiful landscapes of Crotoy. At night, share a good time around a wood fire and a delicious roasted marshmallow. See our article on where to sleep in a hotel in the bay of the Somme or sleep in a camping in the somme bay in this area or where to restore.

Water activities

You can choose between windsurfingon canoeingon bodyboardon wakeboardor the kitesurf. By the way, Le Crotoy is one of the destinations from kitesurf the most popular in France. It is an easily accessible spot for beginners thanks to its huge beach à tide and its shallow, calm water.

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