Which Handbag to Travel With? - The Complete Guide


If you're looking for the best handbag for travel, you've come to the right place. Travelling can be stressful, especially if you don't know what to pack. With new weight restrictions and safety standards, finding a bag that meets your travel needs is essential. 



Why choose a practical women's handbag for travel?

The handbags are convenient for travel as they can be carried comfortably over the shoulder or arm, making them an easy option to carry. They also have the advantage of being lighter than backpacks or suitcases, which means you can carry more stuff without exceeding your airline's weight limit. 

For travel, handbags are less cumbersome than suitcases, which means that they are easier to carry in the public transport or in crowded city streets. In addition, this type of bag is often more accessible than backpacks or suitcases, allowing you to easily reach your belongings without having to remove it.

Important features to consider when buying a handbag for holiday travel

When looking for a handbag for travel, there are several important features to consider.

Its size

The bag size is important, as it should be big enough to carry all your essentials, but not so big that it becomes bulky.

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Its quality

Indeed, a quality handbag does not get damaged easily. This criterion defines its durability as well as its ergonomics for holding heavy things like a water bottle, a camera or a laptop.


The pockets and storage compartments are essential for keeping your belongings organised and accessible.

Its safety

A handbag can contain valuable items. For this reason, you should consider the security of your bag by choosing a model with a secure closure such as a zip.

His style

The design of a bag handbag reflects personal style, especially for a woman. It is also the ultimate fashion accessory to make a look stand out. Whether it is the size, colour and details, everything has to be well chosen. Besides, there are several brands that produce beautiful handbag collections.

The best handbags for travelling

There are several types of handbags for travel, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Tote bags

These are popular models for travel, as they offer plenty of space for your belongings and are easy to carry. The most common ones on the market are made from fabric or leather, but there are also tote bags made of raffia which are very trendy.


Shoulder bags

A travel shoulder strap is also a popular choice, as they are more secure than tote bags and allow you to keep your belongings close to you. Although they are often small, they can hold sunglasses, sunscreen, a wallet and a mobile phone.

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Convertible backpacks

The convertible backpacks are the ideal type of bag for travellers who need a backpack, but also want the convenience of a carry-on.

Travel backpacks

These types of bags are designed for longer journeys and offer plenty of space for your belongings.

Bags on wheels

The roller bags are ideal for heavier trips or if you need to carry more stuff in them.

The anti-theft handbag

This is one of the recent trends of a travel handbag. Indeed, it has several functions to prevent your bag from being stolen by thieves, such as a locking mechanism, a blocking device RFID (Radio frequency identification) for the protection of your digital tools and more.

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