What to do on the Opal Coast in 15 essential steps

cote d'opale

Where is the Opal Coast located?

Opal Coast is a coastal region of north-western coast of the France metropolitan. It is located north of the Picardy coastThis is the first time that the city has ever been located in the south-east of England, opposite the cliffs of the English Channel and the North Sea.

What to do on the Opal Coast?

The Opal Coast is a a real tourist destination. It brings together many cities and sites tourist that offer a range of activitiesas :


You will be dazzled by this magnificent setting in the middle of the dunes and a beach of fine sand. An ideal place for in love of nature and hikingYou can walk through hundreds of hectares of nature reserve. You will discover the famous Parrot DuneThis is a remarkable site with many species of flora and fauna. You can also swim in the sea and hunt for wrecks.

The Dunkirk Port Museum

With family or friends, embark on a journey to discover the incredible history of the port of Dunkirka maritime museum but also a former tobacco warehouse from the 19th century. This emblematic place contains 1600m² of exhibitions, 4 centuries of history, 500 works composed of models, videos, paintings, work tools, etc. It also has 5 places to visit including the museum, the three-masted Duchesse Anne, the fireboat Sandettié, the barge Guilde, and the Risban lighthouse. You will also find a documentation centre which offers documentary and literary resources specialising in port and maritime themes.

The Calais

Calais is the largest city in the Opal Coast. You will find various water activitiesequestrian and aerial activities. Enjoy an unforgettable experience on board the Calais DragonA titanic machine that entered the city during a big show by the Compagnie La Machine. You can also discover the statutes of the BourgeoisYou can also visit the various coastal forts such as the Citadel, Fort Risban or Fort Rabbit, and the Atlantic Wall. You can also take a walk on the great site of the two capes where you can contemplate the cliffs of the Blanc-Nez, observe the marine fauna and walk along the dunes. Finally, take a beach trip and discover the Calais Balneaire and the Calais lighthouse, with its 271 steps.

The Audomarois Marsh

This immense marshland is composed of fields and market gardensThe park is surrounded by canals, small islands with beautiful houses and large ponds with a variety of flora and fauna. A corner of paradise that takes you away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. What would your weekend on the Opal Coast if you have not boarded the bacôves and escutes, and enjoy this nature walk all along the marsh.

The Platier d'Oye nature reserve

The site is home to more than 230 bird species, 20 mammal species, and 361 plant species. A nature space very popular with hikers and where you can set off to cross the Pointe aux oies path (0.7km), the West Polder path (3.6km) and the coastal path (2.8km).

The two capes site

cote d'opale

Protected and labelled Grand site de France, the Cap Blanc-Nez and the Cap Gris-Nez remain the visits must-haves of the Opal Coast. You can walk on the signposted footpaths through the dunes, over lookouts and up cliffs. You can also enjoy other activities as the sand yachtingThe most popular activities are: sailing, kite flying, horseback riding, surfing, stand up paddle, or coastal lunging.


Well known for the crab and lobster fishingThe area is home to many traditional fishermen's houses built of local stone, whitewashed and tiled. This charming village is also famous for its numerous hiking trails and its two beaches separated by the famous Iron Coast. When you visit, don't forget to try the famous Flower of Audresselleswhich is an artisanal cheese made with sea salt from the Opal Coast, where the iodine air of the seaside can be found.


This city is known for its flowered areas and its exceptional bathing waters, which continue to attract visitors. A seaside resort and very privileged family of the Opal Coastwhich stands out thanks to its architectural richness and its weekly market where you can discover various local and regional products. Discover a wide variety of flora and fauna, the gardens of the Baie Saint-Jean, the dig'espace, the 1,500 m waterfront walking circuit and the supervised beach.


This port city is home to many art galleries and various historical monuments. You can enjoy a panoramic view from the ramparts, stroll along the beach, or visit the fishing port which was the first French fishing port. And what would your visit be like in Opal Coast if you have not visited Nausicaawhich is the most large aquarium Europe, and where you can enjoy unforgettable shows and exhibitions.

Hardelot Castle

Famous throughout the world, this place is home to a Victorian house with rich collections of artefacts, and English-inspired gardens in a flowery, exotic and contemporary setting. It also has an exhibition hall, a gatehouse and a tea room where you can relax and enjoy the view. Finally, there is the marshes of Condette and the Elizabethan theatre with its bamboo cage and large glass roof.

Le Touquet

A true destination for holidays where you can do various sports activities as the golfYou can go sailing, surfing, tennis or horse riding. You can also cycling in the forest, have fun on the seafront, or explore the dunes. Discover the local market and the Canche lighthouseof the most important addresses in the Opal Coast.

Montreuil sur mer

You will see the citadela royal fortress that houses the museum Roger RodièreThis is a unique fortified complex in the heart of a remarkable natural site. You can also climb the ramparts, and enjoy the many country paths and the exceptional view of the town and valleys. To spice up your visit and to delight your taste buds, the place has several restaurant chains that offer a wide range of dishes. montreal culinary experience evoking the art of living in this thousand-year-old city. 

cote d'opale

The Authie Bay

Come and recharge your batteries through the mollières, foreshores and dunes, while enjoying a biodiversity of fauna and flora, and contemplate the colony of seals and marine calves that live on the bay. Enjoy the 360° panorama offered by this sandy immensity. A nature getaway where you can not only discover, but also taste a variety of wild edible plants such as samphire, obione, evening primrose, etc.


This fishing village became famous for the majestic Fort MahonIt is surrounded by the sea with its horseshoe-shaped rampart. You will discover many cultural heritages such as the villas Maria Stella, Bon Gîte, Gay Cottagethe fig tree, etc. There are also the Robinson and Louis Bonnier villas which are listed in the historical monuments. You will also find marked hiking trailsYou will be able to admire many local animal and plant species.

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