Discover the benefits of thalassotherapy in a spa hotel by the sea in Brittany

Brittany, thalassotherapy

Feel like recharging your energy by doing some thalasso during the weekends ? Opt for the region of Brittany, an ideal destination to enjoy an incomparable relaxation. In this section you will find all the information you need to enjoy a holiday far from the routine.


How to spend a pleasant thalassotherapy weekend in Brittany?

Enjoy a fitness holiday using the therapeutic method of certain cities in Brittany.

Brittany, thalassotherapy

A thalasso holiday in Carnac

Carnac is one of the more beautiful The region's cities offer tourists a very effective organic cure in relation to the marine world. Whether it is to relax, reduce stress, relieve joint painWhether you're looking to relax, recharge your batteries or get to know yourself better, treat your body to the very best! You can choose stays to suit your needs.

The Spa and Thalasso Concarneau

The routine of everyday life can be stressful, so it's best to get away and refocus. Grab your bags and head off to a cure programme thalasso Concarneau seems more beneficial than sunbathing. Let's go to the coastal town of Concarneau to visit the famous Finistère. After a day of walking and sightseeing, there is nothing better than a fitness session with the professionals of the thalasso to release tension over time. The facility Thalasso of Concarneau is located near the beach the White Sands. 

Which is the best thalassotherapy centre to choose to take advantage of promotional offers? 

In addition to travel, accommodation is also an essential step for spending weekends thalasso or even the holidays. To avoid travel, choose a hotel that also offers a thalasso in Brittany.

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The Grand Hotel Abbatiale

The famous establishment is located near the Relai thalasso of Bénodet on the south coast of Brittany. Guests are accommodated in modern, warm and friendly rooms with a beautiful view over the bay. On the kitchen side, thehotel Abbey church has joined forces with "La croisettea restaurant which offers half-board to its partner guests. It is the perfect destination to discover the chef's speciality.

The Val André Marine Spa

The Val André Marine Spa is the right address to visit for those looking for a balance between quality, price and comfort. It offers well-equipped luxury rooms and also provides access to the private swimming pool and parking. Breakfast is served every morning and if you want to taste French cuisine, you can visit the restaurants around the Spa Marin du Val André.

Which thalasso in France is the most beautiful?

Discover in this section the best thalasso proposed in France.

The luxury thalasso in Saint Malo

Enjoy days of relaxation and well-being at Saint Malo by applying 2 to 4 treatments with thalassotherapy experts. To bring you the benefits of thalassoThe specialists use products from marine resources to enhance the treatment and care of your body and skin.

Roscoff du Nord thalasso 

Have an unforgettable time at RoscoffThis charming little town was the first to open its doors to thalassotherapy methods. The thalasso This hotel complex is known for its various specialities. Among others, the "palpate and roll"It is very effective because of its restorative effect.

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