Amiens Belfry


The Belfry Amienslocated in the heart of Amiens, north of the FranceIt stands tall as a testament to the city's rich history and cultural heritage. This tower The iconic building has stood for centuries, reflecting the passage of time and serving as a symbol of civic pride for the local community. 



Historical context of the Amiens Belfry

Belfry Amiens has a legendary history dating back to the Middle Ages. Built at the end of the 13th centuryThis majestic tower was originally used as a belfry and a symbol of the town's autonomy. It served as a lookout post, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and warning of potential dangers.

The belfry Amiens' church has a square base, an octagonal bell tower and a 122-metre high tower. It houses 76 bells and is topped by an octagonal copper dome. It is surrounded by four smaller towers that were once used to monitor the movements of the population.

How high is the Belfry Tower?  

The architectural features of Belfry Amiens are impressive. Rising to a height of over 83 metres, it has a unique blend of styles Gothic and Renaissance. The tower is adorned with intricate carvings, decorative elements and a clock face that has kept time for centuries. It has summer listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005, further attesting to its historical importance.

When does the Belfry bell ring?

Called " Marie-firmine" This 11-ton bell rings at the beginning and end of the curfew and the working day. It also rings to mobilise the inhabitants in case of risks such as an attack, a fire or a revolt.

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Cultural importance of the Amiens Belfry

The World Heritage of Belfry has a special place in the heart of the local community. It is not only a monument but also a symbol of civic pride and identity. The tower has summer an essential part of the city's history, serving as a gathering place for important events, celebrations and civic ceremonies.

The tower also plays a role in the cultural events and local traditions. For example, during the annual Party in the City" the Belfry comes alive with vibrant lights and music, attracting locals and tourists alike. It is also frequently used as a backdrop for cultural events such as concerts, art exhibitions and festivals of films.

Sightseeing and activities with a visit to the cathedral and other historical monuments: 

Belfry Amiens offers a variety of attractions tourist andactivities for visitors of all ages. The tower itself is a major attraction, with a panoramic view impregnable allowing a view of the city from its summit. Visitors can also explore the museums and monuments nearby, such as the Amiens Cathedral and the House of Jules Verne.

For the more adventurous, there are also activities unique features such as guided tours by bike or on foot, from cruises by boat on the river Sum and excursions in hot air balloon to admire the panoramic view of the city and the surrounding countryside.

Importance of the Amiens Belfry for tourism and the economy

Belfry Amiens plays an important role in the tourism industry and the local economy. It attracts thousands of visitors each year, generating income for local businesses and services tourist. In addition, it contributes to strengthening the image of the city as a tourist destination, offering a unique and cultural experience.

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Trade in the Belfry

This Amiens town centre is full of shops selling fresh local produce, but also has a supermarket and a gym, which will delight the inhabitants.

La halles shopping centre in the cooler

Located right next to BelfryThe Halle au Frais  is home to a dozen traders who are ready to satisfy their customers with their local products and fresh. 

The Carrefour supermarket

The Carrefour Market is also available on site for various food purchases, items or tools for everyday life.

The Basic Fit

For sportsmen and women, Basic Fit is ready to receive them with the latest high-performance equipment.

The various restaurants

For a business meal or with friends and family, Belfry also has restaurants, such as the  Bistro Régent which offers a tasty cuisine to its guests.

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