Everything you need to know about the Baie de Somme transbaie race


The Transbaie is a historical and atypical race that takes place every year. It takes place in Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme in the Hauts-de-France. The runners must pass through at low tide in the Bay of the Somme.

Established in 1988This race of the Bay of Sum has preserved all its history. 


What are the mottos of the Transbaie

The Transbaie still exists thanks to the perseverance and pugnacity of volunteers. Friendship, loyalty and respect are the key words so that the new generation can take over. This race is no longer just a foot race, it has become a state of mind.

How the Transbaie - Course de la baie de Somme takes place

Between Saint-Valery-sur-Somme and The CrotoyIn this event, participants will run a 15 km race. Following a marked course between sand and mud, the competitors must cross the Somme Bay. The Transbaie has over 6000 runners across the Baie de Somme and St Valery.

You're stomping on asphalt, sand and water and it's going to stick everywhere. Then you're going to sink into a mud of sand and water. It's really a way to build friendships, because others will come and pull you out. 

How to register - Cross-border registration

Registration is now online on the Transbaie for some years.

First, you must submit a medical certificate less than one year old at the date of the next Transbaie. The certificate must contain one of these three compulsory statements:

  • No contraindication to the practice of triathlon in competition;
  • No contraindication to running in competition;
  • No contraindication to the practice of athletics in competition.

Secondly, participants must present licences from the Fédération française d'Athlétisme, Fédération des clubs de la défense, Fédération française du sport adapté, Fédération française handisport, Fédération sportive des ASPTT, Fédération sportive et gymnique du travail and FF Triathlon compétition.

Thirdly, a parental consent is mandatory for minors (in addition to the two options above). Finally, before taking the start, each runner must read the regulations.

What are the rules to be respected during the race -Transbaie 2020

Each participant undertakes to :

  • Respecting the route of the event;
  • Respect and maintain cleanliness all parts of the event route;
  • Don't throw anything in the Bay bottle, rubbish...
  • Do not run with a dog;
  • Do not run with Nordic walking poles.

The course

The route consists mainly of a loop from Saint-Valéry-Sur-Somme to Crotoy and then return to the starting point.

The transbaby

Open to all children from 4 yearsthe Transbaby is a free race. The children have to make a loop around the village Transbaie.

The Transbaie, an economic event for the Baie de Somme

The race is very advantageous for theeconomy of the Bay :

The success of the Transbaie

The Transbaie is a race open to all. There is a form of equality between the participants. They all start together and are all rewarded at the finish. It is the opposite of a classic competition where only the winners are honoured. This race is about: enjoying the beauty of the landscape and sharing a moment of conviviality. The friendships made during the race sometimes last longer.

The race organisers are creating a festive atmospheres, the fancy dress parades and musical performances. Participants can also wear a costume. The Transbaie is perfect for most runners who are looking for new and more free exercise settings

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